Beau Beniamino Nelly Ness*CZ
National Winner 2012, 2013
Distinguished Show Merit
Distinguished Variety Merit

2. place Cat of the year 2011

MCO n 22
kastrát / neuter

Mnoho díků patří Barboře z chs Lincetta*CZ, za to že umožnila toto spojení! 

Many thanks is for Barbora (chs Lincetta*CZ) that she borow us her Alessandro and we can made our litter "B"



GIC Alassandro Bon di Lincetta*CZ Bonifác Star Marillion*CZ Markyz v. Burgfels Stormbringer Tennessee,
Willowplace Savana
Daniela Bay Maine Treasures R'Shen Bay Alwaro
Moulin'Crecy Urania
Cleopatra Jes Marillion Super-Star Jesco Quentino of Magic Lake
Thunderball Bellisa
Constance of Midnight Colony Carter O'Conor Alwaro
Pamela of Midnight Colony
IC D*Peppermountz Prada D* Catdancer´s Poseidon Hurakan Koontucky Captain Blauber Guitars Rocking Cyrus
Kellycat Voodoo of Koontucky
Coondancer´s B.B.Ubangi Coondancer´s Sullivan-Kaeten
Catdancer´s Nelly Bell
D*Peppermountz Nessaja D*Peppermountz Flashlight Ch Lovehulen´s Mr. Sport
Peggy-Sue of Loveliness
Inka of Chamberlain Wildwillows Sisco Two Stars
Chayene-Naomi of Chamberlain



3-6 month (12)
27.11.2010 EX1, BIV total, NOM Kladno, Czech Nurit PAHL
18.12. 2010 EX 1, NOM MVK Stromovka, Czech KOHN
15.1. 2011 EX 1, NOM, BIS 3-6 Star Show Prague, Czech Eric REIJERS
16.1. 2011 EX 1, NOM, Star Show Prague, Czech Alessandro DI CHIO
6-10 month (11)
26.3. 2011 EX 1, NOM, MVK Ústí nad Labem, Czech Martin KABINA
27.3. 2011 EX 1, BIV total MVK Ústí nad Labem, Czech Eric REIJERS
10.4. 2011 EX 1, BIV total, NOM MVK Hradec Králové, Czech Helen REITER
16.4. 2011 EX 1, BIV total, NOM MVK Karlovy Vary, Czech Soňa IVÁNKOVÁ
17.4. 2011 EX 1, BIV total, NOM MVK Karlovy Vary, Czech Dietmar SAGURSKI
7.5. 2011 EX 1, BIV total MVK Brno, Czech Luigi COMORIO
8.5. 2011 EX 1, BIV total, NOM (lost by lot) MVK Brno, Czech Fabio BRAMBILLA
14.5. 2011 EX 1, BIV total, NOM, BEST IN SHOW MVK Most, Czech Fabio BRAMBILLA
15.5. 2011 EX 1, BIV total, NOM, BEST IN SHOW MVK Most, Czech Nurit PAHL

And more other shows...







foto z natáčení pořadu Zázraky přírody pro ČT
pictures from the making popular Show for Czech TV


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