Big Giants Resort´s Pablo Picasso

MCO ds

Dlouho vytoužený sen se nám splnil s Pablem a moc za něj děkujeme Angele, Gerhardovi a celé Big Giants Crew!

Many thanks is for Angela, Gerhard and all Big Giants Crew! ... Pablo is our silver treasure and we love him!



Big Giants Resort Pablo Picasso, M, MCO ds, 2011-04-30, DE/CZ, Inbreeding = 0,0%
Multicoon SnowFox, MCO, 2008-08-29 
JW Savincoon Iron Man, MCO w, 2006-11-04, DE/-  Sebasco Puschkin, MCO w 62, 2003-02-24, DK/NL  WW EC DSM Guldfakse Chief Two Moons, DM, MCO d 23, 1996-05-14, DK/DK
CH Guldfakse Hanging Cloud, MCO w 62, 2001-04-03, DK/DK
CH Savincoon Sugar Baby Love, MCO fs 22, DE/DE CH Savincoon GS-Blue, MCO a 22, DE/DE
CH Savincoon Killara, MCO fs 09 22, DE/DE
Multicoon Ivy Queen, MCO n 03 Coogan Drake, MCO 1, 2005-03-18, DK/- EC Castle Rock Voyager, MCO n 22, 2002-11-10, DK/DK 
JW Wytopitlock Hestia Jones, MCO n 22, 2003-11-03, DK/-
AllTajCoon Jat'Aime, MCO n 09 22, 2004-12-02, HR/-  Langstteich C.C. Aragon of AllTajcoon, MCO n 09 23, 2003-11-26, DE/HR
Moonshinevalley Hellfire of AllTajcoon, MCO n 22, 2003-10-17, DE/HR
Aldaker Dana, MCO d
Csák's Coon E Goran, MCO d 09 22, PL/PL GIC McKittycreek Reddy of Csák's Coon, MCO d 09 22, 1998-05-27, US/HU Capecoon Brewster of Mainekat, MCO n 22, 1996-07-11
Shubacoons Evita of Cabincoon, MCO f 09 23, 1997-04-07
CH Willowplace Merry of Csák's Coon, MCO f 22, US/HU Tabbyskins Santa Fe of Willowplace, MCO ds 22, 1999-08-14, US/US 
CH Willowplace Magnificent Maude, MCO n 22, 2000-04-23, US/US
Mosegaarden Bella Donna, MCO f 09 22, DK/PL CH Rovdyret Carlos Banditos, MCO n 09 22, 2005-02-21, DK/DK  Supernova Aslan, MCO d 09 22, 2001-07-13, DK/-
Kamikaze Ganesha, MCO n, 2003-11-05, DK/-
Aloa Jazz, MCO g 22, 2005-05-14, DK/DK Mountaineer Black Eros, MCO n, 2003-06-22, DK/DK
Mountaineer Wannaway Jezebel, MCO g 22, 2002-08-05, DK/DK



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